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Colt 1911 & Variants

Customization Packages

Basic Street Package


  • Trigger job using match trigger
  • Reliability Package
  • Novak or Heinie sights
  • Re-blue slide in satin blue

Total: 524.95

Tactical Package


  • All the items in the Street Package, plus:
  • Harrison Design hammer, sear & disconnector
  • Match barrel bushing
  • Crown & polish barrel at 11°
  • Bevel magazine well
  • Tritium sights
  • Barstock beavertail fitted & installed
  • Barstock extended thumb safety fitted & installed
  • Smooth-Out package (de-horn)
  • Re-blue complete gun in satin blue

Total: 1505.90

The Full Monty


  • All the items in both packages above, plus:
  • Weld up & re-machine frame rails, then lap into slide
  • True, hi-cut and checker frontstrap @ 20, 25, or 30 lpi (scalloping or golfballs optional)
  • Chen Custom mainspring housing checkered to match frontstrap (20, 25 or 30 lpi)
  • Match barrel hand fitted to gun (Kart, Bar-Sto, Wilson, KKM, etc).
  • Precision match barrel crown flush with the bushing
  • Lower and flare ejection port
  • Fit EGW or Wilson barstock slide stop
  • Machine ball cuts on slide
  • True-up and straighten all lines
  • Machine French cuts on slide
  • Flatten & serrate top of slide in arrow point at 40 lpi, or ghost arrows
  • Tactical extended magazine release
  • Fit oversize firing pin stop
  • Fit oversize and extended ejector to minimize unsightly gap around rear of slide
  • Fit a spare match extractor
  • Install barstock plunger tube
  • Hand polish all flat surfaces
  • Fit and install Spegel or VZ grips
  • Finish in your choice of blue, satin hard chrome or combination thereof
  • Test fire with ammunition of your choice, sighted in at your preferred distance (50 rds)

Total: 3650.00

NOTE: All prices listed are for work on customer-supplied guns and do NOT include shipping and insurance. Please call or e-mail for list of suitable base guns.

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